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I help you create quality patterns so that you can take it easy and serve your customers in the best possible way.

tuyaknits offers all tech editing customers a free read-through just before the launch OF THE PATTERN. This will be a quick one (about 15 min), not an actual editing round any more, but having an extra pair of eyes to go over the text at this stage is always a good idea.

complimentary read-through

Once again, I'll read the pattern thoroughly, check that the updates are fine and that every aspect of the pattern now works. If everything seems to be in control from a tech editor's point of view, I'll ask whether the designer feels the same way. if agreed, the tech editing process is done and I'll write an invoice. However, further editing rounds are always possible, if needed.

IF THE DESIGNER plans to ORGANIZE A TEST KNIT, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT POINT TO DO SO, Offering your testers a tech edited pattern shows that you care about them and value their precious knitting time. 

round 2 - verifying updates

I'll conduct a systematic check for the pattern including all numbers, spelling, terms,  abbreviations, charts, graphics, photos, written instructions, and the overall consistency and structure. I'll mark errors and give suggestions. these are usually PROVIDED ON THE Pattern file OR, if longer wording is needed, in an EMAIL

The edited pattern is EMAILED BACK TO THE DESIGNER who then updates the pattern.

round 1 - feedback to improve the pattern

the designer provides the pattern in electronic form

Tech editing process in a nutshell