Feel confident knowing your knit pattern is clearly written for your customers before publishing it.

Tech Editing Services

Tech editing knitting patterns ensures great results, and as a professional tech editor, I’m here for you so your pattern is the best quality.

Working together, your patterns will be well written, so that they can be easily followed, row by row, with all necessary instructions included.

Successful knit pattern designers publish accurate, consistent, and clear patterns every time.

Well-written patterns mean satisfied customers who come back for more.

Thriving knitwear designers are known not only for their beautiful designs, but also for their consistent quality patterns.

Tech or technical editing of a knitting pattern comprises both technical and mathematical checking as well as proofreading/copy editing of a pattern.

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“Her insights make me feel comfortable and confident about presenting a good pattern”

“Working with Tuija has been a great experience. Her approach to editing is super professional, she explained to me everything I needed to know about it beforehand and she gave me clear and accurate suggestions. Her eye to detail is truly amazing: she can spot all those tiny and embarrassing mistakes and also see and understand the whole structure of the pattern to make everything fit properly. She’s been of great help because English is not my first language, but her insights make me feel comfortable and confident about presenting a good pattern. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. <3”

all numerical & countable measures match and work (stitch and row counts, effects of decreases and decreases, the relationship between gauge info and measurements, etc.)

all terms are correct and explained adequately

all abbreviations are correct and used consistently

the charts work as such and match the written instructions (if given)

all graphics work and match the pattern

all written instructions are logical and all relevant information is given

the pattern is consistent from beginning to end

The knit tech editing process includes checking that:

Tech editing services are available in: • English • Swedish • Finnish

typos and spelling errors will be identified and marked

you’ll get suggestions on style and overall clarity of the pattern, if needed

yardages will be checked if you so wish and provide the information needed for the calculations

In addition to checking the numerical and technical matters, I’ll also cover:

Having an extra pair of eyes to go through the pattern at this stage is always a good idea.

In addition to the editing rounds, a complimentary read-through before the pattern is launched is available


Round 2 for verifying the changes made and ensuring that everything now is as it should be


Round 1 is for providing the designer feedback to improve the pattern


The tech editing process usually consists of two editing rounds. Further editing rounds are of course always possible if needed.

The tech editing Process

The rate for tech editing is 39 €/hour, charged in 15 min increments (+ VAT 24% for EU customers without a VAT number and all Finnish customers). The minimum charge is per 30 min.

Get in touch for further details and an estimate of the turnaround time needed for your pattern!

In order to give you an estimate, I will need to see the pattern. You can send it by email or as an attachment via my contact form. Thanks!

The pattern is provided in electronic form (PDF, Word document etc.) and the edits are made directly on the pattern file. When working on a Word document, the Track Changes functionality is of course kept on to keep my edits traceable.

If you have a style sheet or style guide available, please send it along with the pattern to provide information on all details of your personal style of writing patterns. However, a style guide is not an obligatory tool and the style will usually become evident based on the pattern itself. Of course, you can always let me know about the most important details just by giving the info along with the pattern.

Whether there’s a style guide available or not, I will always value your personal voice as a designer along the process.

Working together

Susanna Winter

 Talvi Knits

“I would absolutely recommend Tuija’s tech editing services for any knitwear designer.”

“Tuija tech edited a shawl pattern for me and I was completely satisfied with the work. Her attention to detail is admirable and her edits are very thorough and insightful.

She was able to get into the knitter’s mind, highlighting possible pitfalls in the pattern from this perspective. Even if it wasn’t a very complex pattern to begin with, I feel like my shawl pattern improved manyfold after she was done editing it.”

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