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MY NAME IS Tuija Sulisalo and I am the founder and owner of TuyaKnits. TuyaKnits is all about love for knitting and quality patterns. I live in Southern Finland and work internationally, mainly from home or sometimes from our cottage in the quiet Finnish Lapland where my paternal roots come from. I've been knitting almost all my life, with 10+ years of more serious and professional interest. Knitting is my true passion!

I HAVE A PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Helsinki (Finland). My professional experience includes work in research and then, after some years with children at home, running a self-employed translation company focused on patents.

AS A KNITTER I'm basically self-taught but having an extremely curious mind, I've gathered knowledge of techniques and tricks all over and from every pattern I've ever read. In the late 90’s, I spent a year in Cambridge (UK) and learned the English way of perceiving knitting and writing patterns; this was before the appearance of sites like Knitty or Ravelry. Later, I have participated numerous classes with established designers in the field in knitting events in Finland, UK, and USA, and also on-line. In Autumn 2018, I worked through the wonderful Tech Editing Master Class by Joeli Kelly as an ambition to include technical editing of knitting patterns into my portfolio of services. This then lead in establishing my business as TuyaKnits and working as a professional tech editor and pattern translator.

WHILE I'M WORKING, I usually have a moomin mug filled with delightfully greenish Darjeeling tea at hand to keep me going. When I'm not reading patterns or knitting, you may find me walking in our neighbourhoods with Nalle, our herding fanatic Icelandic Sheepdog, and listening to audio books. You might also find me singing in a 12-member renaissance ensemble in our gatherings once a month. Music is close to my heart in all forms and a steady hobby since childhood. 


“I really appreciated Tuija's work and her attention to detail on my pattern. As a new designer, I knew I needed to work with someone who could be the second set of eyes on my pattern. Even from my own experience as a tech editor, I knew that I wanted someone who could see the flaws that I couldn't spot in my own work. I feel confident that I would be able to send her a pattern and she would spot my mistakes. Her suggestions throughout were super helpful about how I could also improve my pattern not just what was wrong. The edits on my pattern were clear and the communication throughout meant that I knew exactly what was going to happen next. I would absolutely recommend Tuija and will be looking to using her skills in the future.”

Catherine Whelan, Snooptigger Crafts

"Her suggestions throughout were super helpful about how I could also improve my pattern not just what was wrong."

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