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"Her insights make me feel comfortable and confident about presenting a good pattern" 

"Working with Tuija has been a great experience. Her approach to editing is super professional, she explained to me everything I needed to know about it beforehand and she gave me clear and accurate suggestions. Her eye to detail is truly amazing: she can spot all those tiny and embarrassing mistakes and also see and understand the whole structure of the pattern to make everything fit properly. She's been of great help because English is not my first language, but her insights make me feel comfortable and confident about presenting a good pattern. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. <3"

Camila Larsen

Photo Credit by Wílda Farias

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I will help you deliver quality patterns so that you can stop worrying and start feeling confident about your work.  

“Working with Tuija on the technical editing of our new pattern collection has been a very easy and manageable experience. Tuija’s professional and thorough manner made the whole editing process run smoothly and her keen eye for detail is a special skill to have. I would highly recommend Tuija for any editing work and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Becky Baker
Design Manager, Rosy Green Wool

"Her keen eye for detail is a special skill to have"

You would want your patterns to be as clean, consistent, and recognizable as possible, right? To help you achieve this goal, I’ve gathered here guidelines for complying a style guide or style sheet for yourself. A style guide or style sheet – dear child has many names – is a document that includes detailed instructions […]

Style Guide: Do You Need One?

Lap is a tool for complying a style sheet for knitwear designers.

Pattern Writing

Yes, I know. Hiring a tech editor is an investment. It’s an investment for an independent knitwear designer and even more so for someone who is just taking first steps and trying to get some patterns out there. So, do indie designers really need to hire a tech editor and is tech editing worth the […]

Is Technical Editing Worth Investing?

Drawings of a knitted sweater and a hat

Tech Editing

Hello there! This is the first post on the TuyaKnits blog and I’m taking an advance of bringing you greetings from Rhinebeck. I had the opportunity to attend the NY Sheep & Wool Festival 2019 and spent the first whole day on a class learning a new-to-me technique called Twigg stitch. The name comes after […]

Greetings from Rhinebeck: Twigg Stitch Technique

Knitting techniques

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