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Supporting you in creating flawless and easy-to-follow patterns that knitters enjoy.




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tech editing

supporting you in creating flawless and easy-to-follow patterns that knitters enjoy.


The tech editing package for knitting patterns includes checking that:

• all numerical & countable measures match and work 
• all relevant information is given 
• the terms are correct and explained adequately
• the abbreviations are correct and used consistently 
• the charts work as such and match the written instructions, if given 
• all graphics work and match the pattern 
• the written instructions are logical and include everything that's needed 
• the pattern is consistent from beginning to end

In addition to checking the numerical and technical matters, I will mark typos and spelling errors and will also give you suggestions on style and overall clarity of the pattern, if needed, but will always make sure that your personal voice as a designer is retained in the process. If you have a style sheet available, please provide it along with the pattern and I will include your special wishes in the editing process.

You should know that I'm not a native English speaker and won't, thus, provide a full language check for your pattern. However, the plus side of me being a non-native English speaker is that I can view a pattern as ‘an outsider’ and give suggestions on how to make it clearer from that perspective. In addition to English – British, American, and Australian - and Finnish patterns, I have experience from at least Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, and Japanese patterns and know that there are differences in how some maneuvers, for example, are perceived and described in different knitting traditions. Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker publishing knitting patterns in English, the pattern may gain from adjusting it a bit here and there to make it more ‘universal’, and I’m ready to help you there.

If you feel you need a super thorough language check, I suggest turning to a language specialist before the editing process.

Tech editing

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Learn more about the tech editing process here.

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The Finns have very good English skills in general, but there is also a large community of knitters who are accustomed to using only patterns written in Finnish. These knitters are, however, very skillful and experienced and would appreciate getting to know the variety of patterns international indie designers have to offer. So, if you want to get your patterns translated to Finnish and make them available to Finnish speaking audience, I would be most happy to help you and offer translation services including:

• translating individual knitting patterns from English or Swedish to Finnish
• translating knitting pattern collections or books from English to Finnish


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I have a few knitting patterns of my own for sale on Ravelry. If you're interested, the sidebar link takes you to my Ravelry store.

You might have some special needs related to getting all bits and pieces done and working for your patterns? If you need help with anything, please, just contact me below and ask! Some examples of customized services include:

• creating charts based on written instructions or written instructions based on charts (using Stitchmastery)
• creating schematics based on given measurements
• helping you out through the whole process of pattern writing from beginning to end
• translating knitting patterns from Finnish to English
• combined tech editing & translation service for knitting patterns, collections, and books

Custom services

I have a few knitting patterns of my own for sale on Ravelry. If you're interested, there's a link to my Ravelry store in the footer.

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An hourly rate is applied for tech editing individual patterns and pattern collections and it's 35 €/hour, charged in 15 min increments (+ VAT 24% for the EU customers without a VAT number and all Finnish customers). The minimum charge is per 0.5 hours.

Four categories of flat fee, based of the length of the pattern, are applied for indie pattern translations. Please, make a query for details.

A flat fee may be applicable also for larger tech editing or translation projects like projects, like books or large pattern collections.

Please, contact me for further details and an estimate for time needed for your pattern! I will respond as soon as possible, normally within one or two business days.


About me

My job is to help you achieve patterns that bring out your vision as a designer.



Looking forward to hearing from you!

IN 2004 I started a one-woman business translating patents from English to Finnish. They were mostly from the fields of organic chemistry, pharmacy, genetics, and medicine. Many years later I decided to include my knowledge of knitting into my work life and offered my translation services for book publishers. Since then I have translated knitting and other craft books for a Finnish publisher and also done some copy-editing of knitting books for the same company. In addition to these, I've translated individual knitting patterns from Finnish to English for a Finnish yarn company. In Autumn 2018 I decided to dive even deeper and worked through the wonderful Tech Editing Master Class by Joeli Kelly as an ambition to include technical editing of knitting patterns into my portfolio of services. Since then I have revised my business accordingly and renamed it to TuyaKnits. 

I’M A BIOLOGIST by education and have a PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Helsinki, Finland. The study consisted of locating the gene mutation for a rare inherited growth disorder, and the work included studying samples from various countries, collaborating with international research teams, and writing five scientific papers and the actual doctoral thesis in English. While writing the articles and the thesis, I realized that I enjoy putting everything together and writing the papers more than the work in the laboratory, and  that was the initial seed for my business to come. Another push was spending a year in Cambridge, UK, when I was on my first maternity leave; my husband had a position of a visiting fellow at one of the colleges. While living there, I very soon discovered lovely British yarns and patterns and learned the English knitting terminology and the English way of perceiving knitting and writing patterns; this was before the Ravelry era.

I LEARNED TO knit when I was about 7 years old and made my first sweater at the age of 13. I love everything about knitting: the feel of wool and other fibers in my hands, choosing colors, learning new stitch patterns and techniques, procrastinating seamless sweater constructions, the feeling of just creating stitches after stitches... Knitting is my nerdy passion!

MY NAME IS Tuija Sulisalo and I live close to nature in Espoo, Finland. My job is to to help knitwear designers and pattern publishers to get their knitting patterns to the best possible shape before they are sent out to the world. My editing package includes both technical and copy editing services and is provided for self-published patterns, pattern collections, and books according to your needs. I also offer translation services.



Interested in working with me? Want to have an estimate of time needed to tech edit your pattern? Loved to hear from you! Send me an email at tuya(at) or fill in the form below and I'll get back to you soon!

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