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Autumn started in Southern Finland like cutting with a knife, but here are some inspirational photo greetings from my summer paradise! While walking in the middle of beautiful nature, I thought about how the vast color inspiration found in nature – and in the urban environment as well – could be transferred to knitwear. In […]

Does it ever feel that the directions of a seamless knitwear design are difficult to outline and explain in a knitting pattern? Do you need concrete benchmarks for writing a pattern so that, for example, the placements of shaping can be told in the pattern easily and really clearly? Including stitch markers in the pattern […]

Have you ever found it hard to remember every piece of essential information you should include in your knitting patterns? Does your tech editor keep reminding of a certain detail you have a habit to forget? A style guide is a tool that helps a knitwear designer to remember all those pesky details of pattern […]

As a knitwear designer, you would probably want your knitting patterns to be as clear, consistent, and recognizable as possible. It would be nice if buyers of your patterns would recognize your patterns even just by glancing at them, even if they didn’t even see the name of the designer. The style guide – or […]

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Yes, I agree. Hiring a technical editor is an investment. It’s a significant investment for an independent knit designer, and even more so for someone who is just taking their first steps as a designer and looking for their audience. However, it’s worth investing in quality, as it affects, from your first patterns how knitters […]

Hello there! This is the first post on the TuyaKnits blog and I’m taking an advance of bringing you greetings from Rhinebeck. I had the opportunity to attend the NY Sheep & Wool Festival 2019 and spent the first whole day on a class learning a new-to-me technique called Twigg stitch. The name comes after […]