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You would want your patterns to be as clean, consistent, and recognizable as possible, right? To help you achieve this goal, I’ve gathered here guidelines for complying a style guide or style sheet for yourself. A style guide or style sheet – dear child has many names – is a document that includes detailed instructions […]

Pattern Writing

Style Guide: Do You Need One?

Lap is a tool for complying a style sheet for knitwear designers.

Yes, I know. Hiring a tech editor is an investment. It’s an investment for an independent knitwear designer and even more so for someone who is just taking first steps and trying to get some patterns out there. So, do indie designers really need to hire a tech editor and is tech editing worth the […]

Tech Editing

Is Technical Editing Worth Investing?

Drawings of a knitted sweater and a hat

Hello there! This is the first post on the TuyaKnits blog and I’m taking an advance of bringing you greetings from Rhinebeck. I had the opportunity to attend the NY Sheep & Wool Festival 2019 and spent the first whole day on a class learning a new-to-me technique called Twigg stitch. The name comes after […]

Knitting techniques

Greetings from Rhinebeck: Twigg Stitch Technique

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